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Why Boarding School in Dehradun

Many people think twice before sending their child to a boarding school. Here are the most important reasons why boarding school in Dehradun will emphasis your child to glory.

  • The ancient system

India is famous for Gurukul system for more than five thousand years, i.e., from the Vedic period. The system kept on changing according to times.

  • Spreading education in India

British came to India in the 18th century and in view of spreading Christianity, they chose schools as their mission. Shimla, Dehradun, Bombay, Madras (Chennai), Calcutta, Delhi were selected places in view of spreading education in India.

  • Boarding for all students

Being the centre of armed forces, many offices, such as a survey of India, were established in Dehradun and as a result, the demand for schools increased for children of those officers. Doon School was established for the top class but there was a need for the day, to open boarding schools as well as public schools for the children of the middle class.

  • Best climate

Climate wise Dehradun was suitable and for cold weather Shimla and Mussoorie were chosen. Dehradun became the centre of education mainly because of the wards of the officers. The population of English speaking increased as a result of more boarding and public schools. Because of less rainfall, as compared to Shimla, Mussorie, Nainital and Darjeeling, Dehradun was preferred for school and naturally Dehradun became the centre of education.  The requirement of good teachers to run public and boarding schools in Dehradun was solved by the middle-class ladies and relatives of the officers, who proved to be good teachers.

  • Government boarding school for children

Later on, the government also opened institutions for the candidates, tying their efforts to become high-level officers. For instance, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. There are institutes like IMA, FRI etc., where youth get the training to become highest level officers in their fields.

  • Extracurricular activities

Because of beautiful scenery, healthy atmosphere, ample space for expansion, a site for camping mountaineering and so on, Dehradun became an attraction for the parents to select boarding schools for educating their children. The schools here provide many outdoor activities, horse riding, trekking, camping, mountaineering, river rafting, photography, etc. because of the tradition created by the local people specially the officers who settled here after retirement. All above mentioned activities are arranged at regular intervals by most of the boarding schools in Dehradun. Moreover, schools in this city provide facilities for extracurricular activities which include western music, Indian classical dancing, theatre, film making and journalism.

  • Better infrastructure in boarding schools

One can find well developed libraries, science laboratories, spacious computer laboratories and up-to-date Audio Visual Rooms in each school. Therefore, there exists a motivation for personality development for interactive learning. There are well equipped classes that are held in separate blocks. There are laboratories for Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Home Science and Biology. In ICSE schools experimental SUPW rooms are available. Moreover, for various activities, open air theatre, dance room, music room and well equipped attractive libraries, etc. are also available. In some schools Auditoriums, indoor basket ball courts are waiting for the genius personalities to flourish.

  • Enjoyment in learning

The curriculum is tailored to meet needs of the individual which ensures all children are interested and motivated to learn. Schools in Dehradun promote enjoyment in learning. They encourage children to be independent, reflective learners through the development of reasoning ability and skills. The curriculum is theoretical as well as field based. 

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