The world of personalized learning at Dehradun Hills Academy

Providing the best of the latest modern as well as scientific learning ambiance and methodologies. We make sure that our students thrive in the ever-changing competitive era.

Boarding Life

At Dehradun Hills Academy boarding accommodations are designed in a way to foster a sense of community and individual growth. A chosen number of students intake allows us to provide a spacious living area where they get an extension of the personalized learning approach, improved academic focus, collaborative projects, and mentorship. In this nurturing environment, students benefit from close relationships with educators and peers, facilitating not only academic success but also the development of life skills and character.


Our approach at Dehradun Hills Academy is to bring a healthy mix of intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development that goes beyond traditional academics. Our Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, creativity, and character development, creating a balanced foundation for lifelong learning. Students develop essential life skills, resilience, and a sense of self along with acquiring knowledge through close mentorship, fostering a holistic educational journey that prepares them for success in both academic and personal realms.


Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, Dehradun Hills Academy’s extra-curricular activities complement personalized academic pursuits. Students engage in arts, sports, podcasting, baking, or community service activities that align with their passions, fostering personal growth and skill development. The personalized approach enables educators to identify and nurture hidden talents, providing a platform for students to showcase their unique strengths. A sense of fulfillment, teamwork, and a lifelong love for learning among students can be witnessed in being a part of our learning community.

Happiness Advantage

To foster a positive and conducive learning environment, we at Dehradun Hills Academy make sure to include elements of happiness in the academics. If students experience joy in their educational pursuits, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, leading to improved academic performance. Cognitive functions, better memory retention, and creative problem-solving are the result of a happy state of mind applied to academics. The students are future-ready and well-equipped to navigate the complexities of life in general.

Ranked #1 in Holistic Education by Education Today 2023-24.

Dehradun Hills Academy received the award for the second consecutive year.

Our Success Stories

We at Dehradun Hills Academy have served hundreds of happy families for the past 30+ years across India and the world including S.E Asia. Sharing a glimpse of how are Alumni's are placed.

Entrepreneur (Batch of 2002)
Country Head LG Singapore (Batch of 1999)
(Batch of 2000)
Fashion Designer (Batch of 2005)
Asia Coordinator Pestalozzi World (Batch of 1998)
Global Business Manager Wipro (Batch of 2007)


Join us for your child’s exciting journey to the path of personalized learning.
For Class 1st to IX and XI - Session 2024-25 

Why choose us?

Dehradun Hills Academy is a Boutique Residential K-12 School affiliated to CBSE – India. Our campus is comfortably located 40 minutes away from the city in a verdant suburb surrounded by pristine mountains, majestic Sal forests, and farmlands perfectly suited for mindful learning and healthy living.

30+ years of dedication and passion has brought the school to a new height of academic excellence in the realm of personalized learning. Our school has become a preferred choice among students, parents, and people in general to choose it as their learning companion to make it as one of its kind schools in Asia.

We pride ourselves on providing each student with unparalleled personalized attention. Our strong belief in quality over quantity makes us sure to ascertain the student-teacher ratio to 1:10. Our highly qualified and learned faculties leave no stone unturned to ensure your child reaches their maximum academic and character development potential. You are only one step away from shortening the distance between your child’s education and excellence. 

Personalized learning is the future of education.

Personalized learning debunks the “one size fits all” education model and understands that each student experiences and responds to learning differently. It places a premium on student feedback and a dynamic mentorship to ensure a wholesome student-teacher relationship to benefit academics and the overall development of a child. We at Dehradun hill academy strictly adhere to the philosophy of personalized learning by implementing time-tested scientific methods and strategies for optimum benefit to our school students.

The Ddha

Celebrating Success
Pottery Classes
Photography Exhibition
World Art
Kahani - Celebrating Art & Culture
Golf Basics
Exploring the wilderness
Camping @ DDHA
Organic Farming - Cabbage Harvesting
Let's Cook Together
Martial Arts Classes


Join us for your child’s exciting journey to the path of personalized learning.
For Class 1st to IX and XI - Session 2024-25 

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