Dehradun Hills Academy is a Boutique Residential School. We have 27 seats for the year 2020-21

Each year not more than a handful of students are selected in the Academy. The selection process takes place not only on the basis of the academic abilities of the child but also more importantly on how receptive the child is to the overall concept of learning at the academy, where the focus is on ‘holistic growth and subjective well- being’. There is an extensive interactive session with both parents and student which becomes a final basis of selection into the Academy. These include Basic Behavioural Aptitude-Values or Skills. These are prerequisite skills – such as Listening to Elders, (Trusting elders) Obeying orders, Interpersonal skills and Basic Life Skill which includes personal hygiene and also learning to adapt in short if he has the correct values, he is READY to learn. Only then can he gain from the Boutique Educational Experience.

DDHA offers admission from grade 1 st to 5 th (for children who want to join above 6 th standard special permission is needed to join the school). The first stage of admission process is to initiate the registration by filling the ‘Registration Form’ along with the prescribed registration fee (non-refundable) and following documents:

  1. Attested copy of birth certificate
  2. Attested copy of Aadhar card
  3. Last two year’s mark sheets / report cards
  4. Passport Size Photographs of the candidate – 3 No.s


Note: That is why we take children only up to 4 th /5 th grade and why parents of Senior children have to give an undertaking taking the responsibility of making their grown- up child understand the changes they will have to make in both their attitude as well the willingness to learn from opportunities being made available to them by the schedule and the Boutique Residential Curriculum.

This Curriculum includes,

  • How to motivate yourself
  • Using the Happiness Advantage
  • Going for Growth Mindset
  • Learning to fit the Time Diet
  • Building Self-Esteem

Once the candidates application for admission has been approved, he/she is required to fulfil all the formalities and pay the requisite fees within 15 days of selection. If he/she fails to do so for any then the school is free to offer the seat to another candidate in order of merit. Every child is required to bring a fitness certificate by an MBBS Doctor. The school, however reserves the right to decide the class in which a child may be placed on admission. The Principal does not bind himself/ herself to furnish any reason for rejection of admission

On full payment of the requisite fees and submission of the relevant documents, candidates will be sent an Admission Letter, allotted an admission number placed on the school rolls once admitted, candidates will be subject to all the rules and regulation of the school admission, fees once paid will not under any circumstances be refundable.

For any further query please contact:
Admission Helpline at +91-9012377773 or email at