Is DDHA right for me?

Your child will be close to nature in a clean pollution less environment. At the same time access to Dehradun city centre, airport, railway station, hospital will be only 30-45 min drive.

Your child will experience a homely atmosphere with a personal approach enabling quicker confidence building coupled with a Balanced Time-Diet. We have an in-house faculty for personality development and motivation.

Well-researched and thought program for well-rounded education and the growth of your child. Activities range from the Baking & Cooking, Gardening, Organic Farming, Horticulture, Photography, Astronomy, Bird watching, Social Media Marketing to name a few.

Throughout A-Z Outside the Classroom program we also ensure that your child gets exposed to various career options in a real life setting. This could be through visits or inviting guests from various fields to campus throughout Leadership Program.

We have private organic farms for fresh vegetables, fruits, milk & poultry. Your child will have schedule for meditation, yoga & fitness regime. There is soulful music playing in the campus for relaxation. All this ensures development of health Body & Mind.

30 years dedicated to education and striving continuously to establish better models with changing times.

We have activities to help your child understand various cultures which also include learning foreign languages like French and Spanish. We have students from 5 countries and multiple states in India. This enables your child to be a world citizen.