Learning outside the classroom

(LOCR) is a program being offered to all the children residing in the boarding consists of two parts – one part will be conducted on the campus between 3pm to 4.30pm on a daily basis and the other will cover parts of the valley and will be conducted on Saturdays-Sundays and other holidays. This part may include journey by foot, cycle, bus or train and an overnight stay in Tents/FRH.

Education is pretty broad concept that surpasses the four walls of a classroom. The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development, which will take place through LOCR.

A Chinese proverb very aptly states, “Teach me and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget.” To a very great extent, the theoretical knowledge is enhanced when a co-curricular activity related to the content taught, is organized.

Co-curricular activities render a number of values like:

.Education Values

Psychological Values

Development of Social Values

Development of Civic Values

Physical Developm ent Values

Recreational Values

Cultural Values

Benefits of LOCR:

Over-all Personality::

It helps to enhance the all-round personality of the students to strongly face the turbulent road of the future. Experiences and appreciation gained through activities assist students during internship and other sponsored programs.

Strengthened Self Confidence:

The goal of co-curricular activities is to give better fitness to students and inculcate of sense of sportsmanship, competitive spirit, leadership, meticulousness, cooperation, team-spirit. The hidden motive behind all this is to develop self-confidence and to learn to trust the team

Improved Academic Performance:

Studies have shown that students pursuing hobbies achieved better results in their studies. Their academic performance goes way up north as they learn to balance their co-curricular activities with their academic pursuits. They also understand on how to manage their time efficiently and also increase their interest in the school.

Sense of Responsibility:

When students in their early teens are given some responsibility or a task to handle like first aid or for that matter managing the class painting board, their efficiency to handle such situations becomes much better. This fosters the sense of responsibility and accountability.

Personal growth and development:

Have you ever noticed those children who adorably take care of their friends? How do you think they started thinking about someone else? Gradually they developed that attitude with time. However, you can accelerate the learning of this attitude by enrolling your child in extracurricular activities. In extracurricular activities, they get a chance to be involved in the group with the peers. Moreover, they learn sharing and caring, all at once.

Improves the confidence and esteem of the students:

Recent studies show that children’s face a lack of confidence when they feel that they are good at nothing. Not all students can equally score great in the academic work. Similarly, it is important to make them feel like they are capable of doing something. Academic grades are not the end of the world. They need to realize that they are talented. This is only possible when you enroll them in extracurricular activity of their choice. This will not only boost the self-confidence but also build their esteem. Moreover, working on something of their choice gives them the opportunity to master their talent. So, the purpose of extracurricular activities is to bring out the hidden unique talent of the child.